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It’s not enough for leaders to champion the value of an innovation in an annual report, strategic plan or other onetime event and move on; employees must see evidence that leadership is paying attention and that their ideas are implemented. Employees will quickly tune out a ‘fake’ initiative they don’t believe move innovations forward.

 ITD has found that an innovation culture gains momentum when employees see their ideas getting implemented. For example, employees joked about using quad copter drones to inspect bridges, but were empowered to take the idea seriously. The idea submitted through Innovate ITD was to use the emerging field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles commonly referred to as UAVs or Drones to inspect areas that would be dangerous and costly for a human inspector.  In the two short years since then the idea and technology has grown to include not only bridge inspection, but also data gathering and monitoring of projects.  About a year ago the District engineers authorized a Drone Pilot Project that would look in to the possibility of using UAVs for Design surface gathering, Bridge Inspection and Construction Inspection and documentation.

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  • Innovation Newsletter - Caltrans recently began an innovation newsletter, where content from I-fairs and innovations coming through the crowdsourcing website are showcase