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Innovators Get Noticed

In the private sector, such as Google and Kiewit, innovation is rewarded with increasing responsibility and promotion.  Kiewit has a leadership track for selected employees that features innovation prominently. In the public sector, this may be harder to implement because of personnel regulations. However, the City of Los Angeles has found ways to recognize their top innovators. Each year, the reward for top innovators within the City of Los Angeles includes ‘lunch with the mayor,’ a feature on local TV and ‘shout outs’ on the DOT social media. The City also looks for ways to award its top innovators with career advancement.


Overcoming Roadblocks to Innovation:  The authors identify the lack of profit motive as one of the six roadblocks to innovation.

How Organizations Encourage Innovation: The article recommends holding an innovation bazaar where employees have the opportunity to show fellow employees what innovations are underway.