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Ensure All Employees are Aligned

Use performance measurement to look at where within an organization innovation is taking root and where it is being resisted and work to align employees in these areas. Break down the resistors! At Kiewit, innovation leaders are careful to build a tight case for their ideas so that detractors cannot resist innovation by pointing to poorly implemented or ineffective ideas. Measurement is used to prove that innovation works.

  • Use ‘Objectives and Key Results’ (OKRs) planning tool – Google finds that OKRs are a practical project management method (also used by other technology companies including Uber, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for defining and tracking work objectives and their outcomes. OKRs are an anchor for promoting innovative thinking. OKR planning ensures company, team and personal direction are constantly aligned and can be tracked, thus helping people move together in the right direction. OKRs are kept public in front of everyone so that teams move in one direction and know what others are focusing on. Many tech companies, including Google suggest that employees should achieve about 70 percent of their OKRs each quarter.
  • Monthly Performance Reports holds teams accountable – Kiewit’s Innovation Team reports monthly to the Innovation Steering Committee on several measures. Measures include the number of innovations submitted through the Spiget, sponsoring implementation and funding for select innovations and the returns on implemented innovations.  Measurement tracking is simple and effective.  Microsoft Office products are updated and maintained regularly by the Innovation Team to track the returns (hours or cost savings, reduced environmental impact, etc) of Kiewit innovations. 


Innovation management measurement.  This article explores ways to evaluate innovation processes rather than just innovation inputs/outputs.