innovation lab


In the tech sector, small, highly independent teams of employees drive innovation by moving quickly and changing direction as needed. Sometimes the work of each team is in conflict or overlap, but this promotes healthy competition with innovations being judged ultimately on their merits.

  • Problem-solving Teams- Unsurprisingly, Google is a workplace where a problem solving mindset is highly prized. Groups of employees typically work in small teams on well-defined problems and organizational hierarchy takes a back seat to the ability to problem solve.
  • Management Groups - MnDOT staff attends formal discipline-based group meetings as a way to brainstorm new ideas. Groups typically meet on a monthly basis and provide an opportunity to share innovation.


PennDOT 20/20 is an agency-wide program designed to help PennDOT use innovation to solve current and future challenges. PennDOT 20/20 integrates input from employees and business partners to help ensure the organization is moving in the right direction. A core element of the 20/20 program is use of regular executive management strategic visioning sessions to identify ideas and challenges that area assigned to employee expert teams who develop solutions. Expert teams work in unison with executive management to implement those solutions.