innovation lab


Develop a regular print/digital letter that gets the word out about innovation. A large proportion of employees in many DOTs are not regularly at their desks checking the web, so print still has a place.


IDT’s Transporter Employee Newsletter. The Transporter is ITD’s internal digital newsletter that is published weekly. This newsletter is used regularly as a vehicle for telling the story about how innovations are being implemented across the state.

Caltran’s Innovation Newsletter {Link to come}.  Caltrans recently began an innovation newsletter, where content from I-fairs and innovations coming through the crowdsourcing website[LA2]  are showcased.

 MnDOT’s Newsline. A weekly online newspaper is targeted to employees, but open to the public. Article topics include innovations, major projects, safety updates and other relevant topics impacting MnDOT employees.

FHWA’s Innovator.  Published by the FHWA Center for Accelerating Innovation this newsletter highlights advances implementation of innovative technologies and processes in the highway industry.