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Brand and Innovation Culture

Give innovation a brand in your agency. Branding is a practice used to establish simple visual and word cues (a logo, a name and a tag line) that become shorthand for a host of innovation activities and help embed awareness in employees.

  • Innovate ITD! - Creating an Innovate ITD! brand has been important to the success of ITD’s innovation efforts. With a distinctive logo and color palette, the Innovate ITD! Brand has been incorporated in write ups, newsletters, videos, emails, press releases, flyers, certificates, award ribbons and mugs. The branding helps raise awareness about Innovate ITD!
  • Caltran’s “Just Do It” Website – The internal/employee only innovation crowdsourcing website is branded as ‘Just Do It.’


How Organizations Encourage Innovation: Seikmeier notes that it is vital for MnDOT to celebrate innovation by creating an innovation brand to message and promote innovation.