innovation lab


NHCRP 20-108:

Guide to Sustaining a Culture of Innovation within Departments of Transportation

The goal of this project is to produce a guide for transportation officials who want to create or sustain a culture of innovation.  Panel members (listed below) were quick to distinguish that this project is not about utilizing innovative technology or other specific innovative tools—rather it’s about fostering a culture that spurs and supports innovation for years to come.  

How You Can Participate Through the use of the Innovation Lab (either website or app), the research team is seeking examples of DOT innovation culture best practices and feedback on the research and draft guidance as it’s developed.  You can provide comments by:

  • Commenting on posts

  • Submitting examples of best practices

  • Liking posts

Your feedback will help make sure the guidance resonates with and is useful to the transportation community.

Project Milestones

Date Agenda
June 2016
Kickoff meeting with panel to identify project goals
July – August 2016 300+ transportation officials weigh in on initial survey
September 2016 Literature review conducted.
November - December 2016 Case study interviews are conducted
January 2017 NCHRP’s Innovation Lab and App are launched to gather best practices and input on innovation culture
March 2017 DOT Validation Testing of the Innovation Lab guidance
July 2017
Draft guidance
October 2017 Final guidance on creating and sustaining a culture of innovation

The Research Oversight Panel:

Panel Affiliation
Ms. Charlene R. McArthur Idaho Transportation Department
Ms. Coco Briseno Caltrans
Ms. Rachel L. Bain Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Dr. Ghada M. Gad California State Polytechnic University
Ms. Virginia Mabry North Carolina DOT
Mr. Jason J. Siwula, P.E. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Mr. Llans E. Taylor, P.E. Missouri Department of Transportation
Mr. Jerome T. Younger Kansas Department of Transportation
 Mr. David Kuehn  Federal Highway Administration
NCHRP Staff:
Andrew Lemer, Ph.D.  Transportation Research Board

The Research Team:

Name Affiliation Responsibility
Julie Lorenz Burns & McDonnell Principal Investigator 
Joe Crossett High Street  Consulting Group Innovation Research
Danny Rotert Burns & McDonnell Website & App
Amy Link Burns & McDonnell Writing & Research
Alok Bhupatkar, Ph.D. C2 Technologies  Project Validation
Alex Morris C2 Technologies  Project Validation